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WhatsApp working on automatic monthly account report for Channels

WhatsApp keeps on working to make the app more user-friendly. Over the last few months, they’ve been rolling out new features and making improvements to enhance the overall experience for users.

These ongoing enhancements not only keep the app up-to-date but also draw in more users. In the latest update, there’s buzz that the Meta-owned messaging giant is cooking up a feature that would automatically generate reports for accounts and channels on Android.

WABetaInfo, the go-to source for WhatsApp features, mentioned that these reports will be on a monthly basis once you turn them on. They also mentioned that the reports will include details about your account and channel activity.

The report read, “Users won’t have to remember or manually initiate the process each time they want an update on their account and channel activities. This automated feature ensures the timely delivery of relevant information without any user intervention, saving time and effort.”

Just like most updates, this one is anticipated to assist in keeping tabs on changes and trends by analyzing and comparing the monthly reports. In another recent WhatsApp update, web users got a handy chat lock feature. This is good news for folks who rely on the web client to manage their WhatsApp messages, providing some added relief.

The protected chats will probably have their own tab, giving an extra layer of privacy and security for your private talks. They’re still working on this feature, and it’s expected to roll out in the next update for the web client. The chat lock feature on WhatsApp for the web is expected to look similar to what you find on the Android and iOS versions of the app. It’s poised to provide users with a range of privacy and security benefits.

Guess what? WhatsApp just released a brand new update through the TestFlight beta Program, pushing the version to In your WhatsApp Settings, you’ll spot it as version, and for the TestFlight build, it’s 24.2.10 (559417995). Now, what’s the scoop in this update? WhatsApp is brewing up a passkey feature for account verification, and it’s slated to hit your app in the next update!