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Wo stree hai, kuch bhi kar sakti hai! Woman chews through security cable to steal iPhone 14 Plus


A woman in China has taken the craze for Apple’s iPhone to a new level as she quite literally chewed through the security cable to steal the iPhone 14 Plus!

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the police arrested a woman in Fujian province in southeastern China because she allegedly stole an iPhone 14 Plus after biting its anti-theft cable to bits.

We all have heard jokes about selling kidneys to buy Apple’s flagship phones, but it is the first time that somebody has used another part of the body to become the owner of the prized phone.

The story goes something like this: a woman named Qiu walked into an Apple store and took with her a brand new iPhone 14 Plus worth around 7,000 yuan (approx Rs. 79,749). The store staff only got to know about the theft after they noticed a missing phone and the poor cable, which was responsible for holding it to a place.

The woman was caught on the store’s CCTV camera, giving the word Rat Thief a quite literal meaning.

However, her act of stealing was not as harebrained as the act of chewing was since nobody caught her in the middle of it.

According to the footage, which later went viral on social media, Qiu leaned over the counter while placing her hand on the phone. Within a few moments, she started chewing the anti-theft cable and eventually succeeded in biting it completely off. She then proceeded to leave the store with the phone in her bag.

To avoid suspicion, the lady kept scrolling through the phone as if to decide whether to buy it or not, just like a normal customer, while her mouth did the calculation of how many bites it takes to own the iPhone.

As per the store manager, an alarm did go off but the staff ignored it since there was nothing unusual happening. It was only when Qiu simply walked out of the store that somebody noticed the remnants of the cable and the absence of the phone.

The victory of the teeth was short-lived as the police caught up with Qiu outside her house within 30 minutes of the crime.
We don’t suppose she got to sink her teeth in the victory.

Although it did not have a happy ending for Qiu, it should leave Apple with a lesson to perhaps invest in anti-teeth technology instead of simple anti-theft cables.