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YouTube Playables brings 37 games for Premium subscribers; how to play games on YouTube


Following Netflix’s lead, YouTube has ventured into the gaming realm with its latest offering. YouTube Playables, a complimentary add-on for YouTube Premium subscribers, provides access to a diverse collection of over 35 online games. Among the featured games are popular titles such as Angry Birds Showdown and Daily Solitaire.

YouTube Premium subscribers can now enjoy gaming on both mobile devices and desktop PCs with YouTube Playables. These online games offer the convenience of direct play without the need for app installations, saving valuable space on your devices.

YouTube Premium subscribers may have noticed a notification prompting them to explore the new feature. Head to the “Playables” section in the Explore tab to access the current game library, including popular titles like Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, The Daily Crossword, and more. YouTube will most likely update the list in March 2024.

Pretty cool, right? Whether you think it’s a fun way to kill time or not, here at Techtrackr, we’re leaning towards YouTube Playables being a neat addition for users who have already subscribed to the YouTube Premium service. It might just be the thing that keeps them hooked, for a few more months, maybe.

However, for non-subscribers and for serious gamers, it might not be enough to get them on board. Serious gamers are a different breed altogether.

YouTube Playables first made headlines in September as an experimental feature. It piqued our interest but the implementation seemed a bit off. Notably, Netflix also ventured into the gaming world, but the feature largely flopped and the add-on failed to seduce subscribers to join the premium subscription list.

YouTube’s fate in the gaming arena remains uncertain, depending on factors such as the cloud gaming catalog and any additional value the platform might introduce in the coming months with its online games.

What if YouTube sweetens the deal by bundling premium games from the Google Play Store? Would you consider subscribing to YouTube Premium if it came with monthly coupons for free installations of premium games? Share your thoughts in the comments below!