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After OnePlus, Vivo phones start showing green line on display


One would expect to find on their phone new features, customization, and of course, performance improvement after a software update because that is the natural way of things. But, of late, especially with OnePlus and now Vivo, users are waking up to finding their phones with an ugly green line on the displays.

After several OnePlus users complained of the green line problem, the company issued a free display replacement policy. Now a similar issue is being reported by a number of Vivo users.

The issue is mostly being reported by users of Vivo X60, X60 Pro, and X60 Pro Plus smartphones, but there have also been incidents of a green line running from top to bottom of the display in Vivo X90 and X70 series of phones.

One X user, @siriasanuragips, complained about his X90 phone on the social media website.

“all Indian brother beware buying vivo phone now latest vivo #X90series also occurred green line display issue my total money waste 80k i request all share as much as u can so people be aware purchasing vivo phone also take legal action this brand think we are dog barking they dont”.

He was not the only one to have faced the issue.

Another user, @thisisAgni, mentioned getting the green line after a software update.

Some Vivo phone users also complained of not receiving satisfactory customer support.

“My colleague’s Vivo X60 got Purple Line issue after an OTA update. What is this ⁦@Vivo_India⁩ ?? Even your flagship phones aren’t reliable to buy. The service center has been delaying for quite a few days and now they’re charging Rs. 8,000 for replacement.”

So far the company has not issued any official statement regarding this issue, but if you are facing the same green or purple line on your phone and it hasn’t been damaged or there hasn’t been any water damage, it should be safe to visit a customer support center. And yes, for a free replacement, your phone needs to be under warranty.

It’s about time Vivo learns from OnePlus and offers a free display replacement policy.

And above all of that, have developers stopped testing their software before rolling them out? What kinda software breaks the hardware, it’s a tough question that needs to be answered.