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AirPods 4th Gen underway, brace for new entry-level AirPods with premium features, and a surprise AirPods Max upgrade


Apple is set to thrill audiophiles with an extensive overhaul of its AirPods lineup in 2024, promising a simplified buying experience across the range. The revamp spans from the entry-level AirPods to the professional-grade AirPods Pro, with updates encompassing earbud and case design, audio performance, and functional improvements.

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Cupertino tech giant is gearing up to launch two new fourth-generation non-Pro models featuring updated designs, redesigned cases, and USB-C charging. Yes, the Type-C charging is coming to your AirPods.

The premium variant among the non-Pro AirPods will also boast active noise cancellation, offering an enhanced audio experience at a more affordable price point. This shall stop some users from shifting to non-Apple TWS earbuds in search of better features.

For the upcoming AirPods Pro, still in the design phase, Apple aims to deliver significant comfort enhancements for audiophiles. Mark Gurman’s report also mentions that the Pro model is expected to incorporate body temperature and health tracking features, elevating the wearable experience for users. The next-gen AirPods Pro might just become a comprehensive wearable product.

Apple is not limiting its innovations to earbuds; a new iteration of its premium AirPods Max headphones is in the works. Despite previous sales concerns, the updated AirPods Max will feature a Lightning charger for USB-C and debut in new colors, offering a refreshed listening experience.

In a surprising move, Apple is also focusing on software-based improvements. The introduction of ‘hearing aid functionality’ emerges as the next significant feature of its audio lineup. Imagine Apple AirPods seamlessly integrating medical-grade hearing aid capabilities, potentially setting a trend for a user base seeking advanced functionalities in audio devices.

Notably, Apple will also revamp the Apple Watch category, which failed to deliver any notable upgrades this year. Last but not least, Apple’s biggest wearable- the Vision Pro headset will be launched early next year (January or February), sooner than we expected.
Simply put, 2024 is poised to be Apple’s year of wearables.