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Apple’s new MacBook Pro, iMac computers to launch in a few days


It appears Apple has managed to keep a lot of people in the dark, especially those running the rumor mills. A lot of reports recently mentioned that the company could be launching new iPads by the end of this month, but now it has turned out it might actually be new MacBook Pro and iMac computers.

As per a report by Bloomberg, Apple is launching a new iMac computer after three years. The 24-inch computer could be launched by the end of October. It also said that Apple could announce two new models of the MacBook Pro on October 30 or 31.

The insight is based on the observation that various Mac models like the 24-inch iMac, and all MacBook Pro models are currently experiencing shipping delays extending into mid-November. This delay, Bloomberg claims, is a clear indicator of an impending announcement.

It should also be noted that the timing of these speculations coincided with Apple’s upcoming earnings call scheduled for November 2. Traditionally, Apple has reserved November earnings calls for years when October witnessed product launch events. This has ignited expectations of a new addition to Apple’s lineup.

The last iMac in Apple gadget runs on the mighty M1 chip.

The report has suggested that despite their most recent update in January 2023, a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models may also be announced.

Previous leaks have hinted at the iMac packing an M3 chip for greater performance and efficiency.

Since these are premium products from Apple, they are not going to be cheap. The current 24-inch Apple iMac is selling in India with a starting price of Rs 1,29,900.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro processor is currently on sale for Rs 2,49,900, whereas the 16-inch version with M2 MAX chip is priced at Rs 3,09,900 on the Apple Store.

Apple is not known for going down the price ladder with its new products so expect them to be more expensive than the existing lineup.