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Elon Musk is planning to charge EVERYONE to use X!


It could be the biggest and the most controversial decision in the history of X, formerly Twitter if Elon Musk makes the social network entirely subscription-based platform.

As per a freewheeling conversation between Musk and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the billionaire businessman is planning to charge everyone to use X.

“[We’re] moving to a small monthly payment for use of the X system,” Musk told Netanyahu, as reported by Bloomberg’s Dave Lee.

Musk reportedly claimed that it is the only way to eliminate the problem of bots and automated accounts that have caused him much heartburn.

The Tesla owner did not mention any timeline to put his plans into action, neither has he said how much it would cost.

According to the report, X has 550 million monthly active users, who create 100 million-200 million posts daily on the social network.

Currently, X has a subscription plan, named X Premium, that offers perks such as a verified “blue tick”. It costs Rs 900 per month, or Rs 9,400 a year.

The X Premium allows users to write posts, replies, and quotes up to 25,000 characters long. It also allows you to edit posts up to five times in an hour. The X Premium users also get to post longer videos, as well as 1080p video uploads.

Musk said that since setting up a bot costs “a fraction of a penny” to set up, making the account chargeable by “a few dollars or something” could put off bot operators.

“Plus, every time a bot creator wanted to make another bot, they would need another new payment method,” he said.

According to a report by the Guardian, the social media website has been battling a decline in its advertisement revenue, which is its main source of income.

Musk has earlier said in a post, “We’re still negative cash flow, due to ~50% drop in advertising revenue plus heavy debt load.”