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Google drags Apple through mud in new ad, confirms October 4 launch date for Pixel 8


Google, over the last several months, has engaged Apple in a banter, friendly or not only Apple can tell, that generally mocks iPhone’s limitations compared to Pixel’s intended superiority.

In the latest ad, Google’s Pixel has taken a cheeky dig at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 line-up. The company also confirmed that the new Pixel phones will be launched on October 4.

The ad has come a day after Google accidentally posted the image of its upcoming Pixel 8 Pro phone.

While promoting some of its own features, Google’s Pixel hints at a new feature coming to the iPhones.

The ad shows the two rival phones relaxing in a spa with cucumber over their cameras, the supposed eyes of the phone, and talking about the “big launch events coming up”. Apple only two days ago confirmed that the new iPhone 15 series will be launched on September 12.

The phones then talk about the first time the iPhone received applause when it unveiled its “sliding to unlock” feature 16 years ago at the launch event of the first iPhone.

Then the iPhone goes on to admit that every time it turns around there are phones like Pixel doing stuff that it cannot, like blurring old photos, answering unknown calls with Al, and live translating messages.

The iPhone goes on to say that it too has some tricks up its sleeve and “you’ll be USB- C-ing soon.”

“You’re finally getting USB-C charging?” Pixel asks a bewildered iPhone which responds by saying, “How did you know”.

Although Pixel simply says “lucky guess”, there have been strong rumors that the iPhone 15 series may come with a USB Type-C charging port.

The rivalry of Google and Apple has been known and the former has taken it in a friendly stride to make a number of ads featuring the Apple phones.

It is believed that Apple will be making some significant updates to this year’s iPhone 15 series, including the USB Type-C charging across the lineup. It is also believed that the company will switch to a titanium chassis for the phones.

The Pixel 8, on the other hand, will likely focus on its cameras, batteries, and performance.

The Google flagship phone will likely be powered by the upcoming Tensor G3 chipset alongside 12GB RAM and 128/256GB storage options. Pixel 8 Pro is expected to come with a 4,950 mAh battery with 27W charging and will run Android 14 out of the box.