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Latest WhatsApp update to let users edit photo captions


Months after WhatsApp rolled out an update that allows users to edit their sent messages, the messaging app is sending out an update that will let users edit captions of shared photos, videos, GIFs, and documents.

According to reports, the latest update seems to be an extension of WhatsApp’s message editing feature which became available to users in May 2023. The new feature will allow users to edit photos, videos, GIFs, and documents up to 15 minutes after being sent.

The feature is aimed at giving users a window to fix typos, and the 15-minute cap restricts misuse of the function.

Right now the ability to edit media captions is available to a limited number of users in the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. A wider global release is still awaited.

The feature will work the same way the edit text feature works. Users can edit captions of photos, videos, GIFs, and documents by simply tapping and holding on it, then selecting the option to edit the caption from the drop-down menu to make the changes.

The only limitation is that the caption needs to be edited within 15 minutes of being sent.

So far there hasn’t been any formal announcement on the official release of the feature. Lately, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been taking it upon himself to announce new updates to any of the services.

Recently, Zuckerberg announced support for sending high-definition photos on WhatsApp.

He wrote, “Sharing photos on WhatsApp just got an upgrade — now you can send in HD.”

The feature update allows users to send HD photos up to 4096×2692 pixels on WhatsApp. Earlier, it was limited to the standard quality of 1600 x 1052p. It is available to users on Android, iOS, and the web.

Under the new feature, the process of sending photos remains the same. However, there’s an “HD” option at the top, next to the pen and crop tools. From here, users can select between standard or HD-quality photos.

Reportedly, the company is also working on a feature to send HD videos and it will be rolled out to users soon.