Be Tech Ready!!

Louis Vuitton headphones hit the market at a jaw-dropping price, a Sound investment or Fashion folly?


Louis Vuitton has stunned technology enthusiasts, particularly audiophiles, with the release of their exceptionally premium true wireless earbuds, the Horizon Light Up. Priced at an astounding Rs. 1,30,000, these earbuds redefine luxury in the audio realm, at least with their design and unique craftsmanship.

Tailored for individuals who view money as a mere trifle, they cater to an exclusive audience beyond the reach of the average consumer. Feeling a bit left out? Perhaps it’s time to step up our game!

Renowned for their opulent lifestyle and fashion offerings, Louis Vuitton has meticulously crafted these earbuds using the finest materials, marking their third venture into the realm of high-end audio. The case of the Horizon Light Up draws inspiration from the gracefully curved Tambour watch, integrating the Maison’s aesthetic codes and signature motifs.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the earphones feature a layer of polished sapphire glass adorned with a Monogram flower. The Kaleidoscopic Illuminations, a myriad of LEDs on the top, make the design an instant showstopper. Imaging flaunting these in a gym or an office party, I bet you will instantly become the talk of the town.

In the words of Louis Vuitton, “The third-generation earphones deliver a best-in-class combination of design, savoir-faire, and performance.” We trust you Louis, we do!

But what lies under the hood? Louis Vuitton collaborated with leading audio experts (though their names remain undisclosed) to infuse the Horizon Light Up with the latest cutting-edge technology. Boasting hybrid active noise cancellation and a substantial 28 hours of battery life, the earphones promise a superior auditory experience.

Unfortunately, critical details such as driver size, battery size of the case and the earbuds, latency, touch controls, and other specifics are conspicuously absent from the official documentation. While the auditory prowess remains a mystery, one thing is certain – these earphones are visually striking enough to make you consider parting with at least one kidney.

Available in a range of colors and finishes, the Horizon Light Up collection offers both timeless shades and striking hues, available in both permanent and limited editions.