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Sony claims its new truly wireless noise-canceling Inzone earbuds offer industry’s best battery life; check details


Sony has launched yet another feature-packed pair of truly wireless earbuds with claims of industry-leading performance. The new Inzone Buds TWS earphones, according to Sony, feature the industry’s longest battery life, offering up to 12 hours of continuous usage, thanks to a low-consumption L1 processor. Now that’s some serious battery life on one full charge cycle.

There’s more to Sony Inzone Buds than just best-in-class battery life claims. Starting with the basics, the Inzone Buds pack 8.4mm drivers (Sony’s dynamic driver X), and feature personalized spatial sound to offer an immersive audio listening experience. Moreover, the earbuds should ensure crystal-clear voice calls as the AI-powered microphone is said to make users’ voices prominent against ambient sounds.

Sony is betting big on the Inzone Buds’ gaming performance. The new earbuds are designed in collaboration with professional gamers, particularly Fnatic Pro-Players, Some features and design elements are exclusively approved by gaming experts to provide users with a competitive edge, from spatial sound precision to AI-assisted microphones.

The new TWS earbuds offer latency as low as 30ms and come equipped with an AI-assisted microphone to enhance in-game communication. The design of the TWS buds focuses on minimizing ear contact, providing comfort for extended gaming sessions.

Sony claims the Inzone TWS earbuds promise an immersive gaming experience across various platforms, including PC, mobile, and consoles. These wireless earbuds are packed with Sony’s renowned audio technology to provide gamers with a competitive edge.

The earbuds exclusively support a 2.4 GHz wireless connection through a USB Type-C dongle, ensuring low-latency connectivity for gaming. Additionally, they are compatible with Bluetooth LE Audio using the codec LC3, focusing on specialized gaming connectivity for an enhanced audio experience.

In line with the expensive pricing, Sony has equipped the Inzone Buds with active noise cancellation that along with personalized spatial sound should ensure immersive audio during intense gaming sessions.

The Inzone Buds feature quick charging capabilities. The spec sheet mentions that the earbuds provide an hour of playtime with just a 5-minute charge, catering to uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Sony emphasizes its commitment to environmental sustainability with the Inzone Buds. The earbuds are designed using recycled materials with less plastic in both products and packaging. The packaging is entirely plastic-free, reflecting Sony’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

Sony Inzone Pricing and Availability

The Inzone Buds are set to hit Sony retail stores, major electronic stores, and online platforms in India starting January 22, 2024. Priced at INR 17,990, these gaming earbuds will be available in Black and White color options, offering gamers a blend of style and functionality.