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Unleash Your Inner Composer with OnePlus AI Music Studio!


Excitement soared as geeks anticipated a new transparent speaker from OnePlus, but surprise! OnePlus pulled a crafty move and unveiled something even cooler—the OnePlus AI Music Studio!

Dive into the world of music creation effortlessly! Just input a prompt, choose your genre and tone, and voila! Let the AI weave magic into your tunes.

How to create AI Music through OnePlus AI Music Studio!

  • Sign Up or Log In:
    • Create an account on the OnePlus AI Music Studio website or log in using your OnePlus account.
  • Genre Exploration:
    • Explore diverse genres—hip-hop, EDM, Jazz, and more await your creative touch.
  • Customization Galore:
    • Tweak mood, theme, and elements to customize your musical journey.
  • Lyric Crafting:
    • Infuse your soul into the song by entering a text prompt, guiding the AI to create lyrics that resonate.
  • Regeneration Magic:
    • Not feeling the vibe? Regenerate lyrics until your artistic heart sings with joy.
  • Final Flourish:
    • Hit “Proceed” when your lyrics align with your vision. Your song is ready for a grand reveal!
  • Listen and Share:
    • Immerse yourself in your creation, then share it with the world! Click “Publish” and download or spotlight your masterpiece across social platforms.