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WhatsApp users on iOS can now create and edit stickers inside the app; no 3rd party app required

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WhatsApp has finally made it easier for iOS users to use ‘Stickers’ in their conversations. The Meta-owned instant messaging platform has added native sticker functionality, allowing iOS users to seamlessly create, edit, and share stickers directly within the app.

This marks a departure from the previous method where users had to resort to dragging and dropping stickers from the gallery or relying on third-party applications to generate stickers on WhatsApp for iOS.

The latest enhancement brings a plethora of editing features to the iOS app, including the much-anticipated auto-crop function. If you are an iPhone user, you can now effortlessly personalize stickers with options like adding text, drawing, and overlaying stickers. Once shared, these customized stickers are conveniently saved in the sticker tray, creating a library of personalized stickers for future use.

Notably, the option to create stickers is already available on WhatsApp web and is now gradually making its way to iPhones running on iOS 17. WhatsApp has clarified that iPhones with older iOS versions will receive the ability to edit existing stickers but won’t have the capability to create new ones.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating stickers on iOS

• Open WhatsApp on your iPhone
• Tap on any conversation, and then select the sticker icon to the right of the text box to access the sticker tray.
• Click on ‘create sticker’ to choose an image from your gallery and customize it by selecting a cutout, adding text, incorporating other stickers, or drawing on it.
• The finalized sticker can be shared by simply tapping ‘send.’

If you just want to edit an existing sticker, the process is rather simple. iOS users can long-press on the sticker in the sticker tray, select the ‘edit sticker’ option, and then proceed to customize it by adding text, incorporating other stickers, or drawings before hitting ‘send.’

It’s worth noting that while this feature is making waves on iOS, WhatsApp has yet to confirm its availability for Android devices. For now, iPhone users have one more reason to feel proud and flaunt their Apple devices.

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