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Ola E-Bike Taxi service launched in Delhi and Hyderabad; check fare prices


Ola is expanding its E-Bike Taxi service, introducing it to the bustling cities of Delhi and Hyderabad following a successful pilot program in the home turf Bengaluru. The two-wheeler electric taxi service promises not only to be the most affordable choice for city commuting but also a sustainable and convenient solution. The entire fleet of two-wheelers relies on batteries, capable of redefining urban transportation for the masses in an environmentally conscious way.

Ola E-Bike Taxi Service Fares

Ola E-Bike introduces an attractive pricing model, starting at Rs. 25 for a 5-kilometer ride, Rs. 50 for a 10-kilometer journey, and Rs. 75 for a 15-kilometer trip. These competitive rates position the electric bike service as an economical alternative for individuals seeking budget-friendly transportation without compromising on convenience.

With the expansion of Ola’s E-Bike Taxi service to Delhi and Hyderabad, the company aims to further penetrate the market, providing more commuters with access to a sustainable and cost-effective mode of urban transport.

“In line with the company’s vision and growth strategy of serving one billion Indians and nationwide penetration with electrification, Ola plans to deploy 10,000 e-vehicles over the next two months across these (Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore) cities,” Ola said in a statement.
Launched in its home turf in Bengaluru in September 2023 as a pilot project, the program experienced an impressive 40% market expansion within its category in the first three months, showcasing the viability and demand for electric bike taxis.

Ola reports that the E-Bike Taxi service has completed over 1.75 million rides in Bengaluru, meeting the commuting needs of the city’s residents. To support the extensive e-bike fleet, Bengaluru boasts 200 charging stations, emphasizing Ola’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

With plans to deploy 10,000 electric two-wheelers across Delhi and Hyderabad in the next two months, Ola aims to further establish its footprint in the electric mobility space. The ride-hailing giant plans a gradual nationwide scale-up of the E-Bike Taxi service by the end of the year. However, the expansion comes with the challenge of building an extensive charging infrastructure in the two new cities to facilitate the growing e-bike fleet.

Marking the second phase of Ola’s ambitious E-Bike Taxi project, the company envisions extending the service to other major cities in India if the current expansion proves successful. Ola’s broader vision involves serving over one billion passengers through nationwide electrification, potentially making Ola the owner of the largest EV 2W fleet in the country.

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