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PureEV lets you exchange your old bike or scooter for a brand new electric vehicle; check details


PureEV, the Hyderabad-based leading Electric Vehicle is making waves with its novel Electric Vehicle Exchange Program, breaking barriers by welcoming not just traditional 2-wheelers but also sparking interest among electric vehicle enthusiasts. The program is gaining massive traction, with lots of people exchanging their rides and lining up for new bookings.

In PureEV’s own words, “We’re super excited about the response to our EV Vehicle Exchange Program. We want EVs to be cool and accessible to everyone. Being the first to bring a used EV market to India, we’re also doing our bit for a greener tomorrow.”

Here’s how it works: You bring your old electric or petrol 2-wheeler to a PURE EV dealer, they give it a quick check, and voila! The valuation amount smoothly blends into the cost of your shiny new PURE EV vehicle, making it easier on your wallet with affordable EMIs.

With over a thousand happy riders already switching to PureEV, grabbing a sweet incentive of up to Rs 38,000 based on their old ride’s condition, it’s turning into quite the ride.

But here’s a heads up – while the exchange buzz is all around, we at Techtrackr are checking what PureEV offers for old scooters. If they come out on top, it’s a win-win! But remember, if you’re not feeling the exchange vibe, you can always sell your two-wheeler in the second-hand market and explore other brand options. Stay tuned as we unravel the details for you!

It’s also worth noting that the EV manufacturer’s network in India faces challenges. Currently, with only three dealers in Delhi and a notable absence in Gurugram and Faridabad, there is an evident need for an expanded dealership presence.

To tap into the growing interest of consumers willing to make the switch to EVs, PureEV should strategically enhance its dealership network, ensuring a broader reach across all major cities. This expansion would not only bolster consumer accessibility but also strengthen PureEV’s position as a frontrunner in the electric vehicle market in India.

PureEV currently offers two electric bikes and three electric scooters. The flagship electric scooter- ePluto 7g Max offers up to 201KM range and costs Rs. 1,14999.